Confusion with forums

Fiza Faisal #1565

Hi! I'm new here, and I was wondering which forum to post a doubt about grammar. The general forum or the phrases one or something else??

Grimhawk #1603

I'm brand new and agree that it is a but unclear. I also think the Search option should include forum posts. Especially when looking for translations.

For now, it seems like most people are asking for help in the General Forum.

Aldaleon #1608

Thank you for your feedback! I was deliberately trying to keep the forum as simple as possible when I created it, but I’d be willing to change that! What kind of sections are you missing today?

I am investigating how to make the forums searchable. I was initially looking at using AWS Elasticsearch but it’s too expensive given what little ad revenue I make today. It’s on my todo list though, so expect an update in coming months!


Grimhawk #1667

Thank you for your reply. I like that the website is simple, I'm a fan of minimalist design and you've done a great job with the website layout and functionality.

My confusion with the forum is that I am not 100% sure where to ask for help with translations. The General conversation forum and the Phrases forum both seem to be reasonable places to ask for help.

I understand your problem with how to connect the forum to the website search function. The cost of things add up quickly (i.e. Web hosting, domain, etc.), especially when looking at addons.