Learning Sindarin

Eryn Tîn Glaur #1541

Hey there, I’m pretty new to trying to learn Sindarin and was just wondering if someone could tell me how accurate/ up to date David Salo’s book ‘A Gateway to Sindarin’ is. I am aware that it is probably not the most updated resource out there, but how behind is it? Thanks in advance for the info!

Röandil #1544

In addition to being slightly outdated, it's highly technical and not at all aimed at a beginner. More importantly, it tends not to make clear distinctions between Tolkien's Sindarin and Salo's brand of Neo-Sindarin. Here's an in-depth review noting these and other points of criticism.

The learning resources available today and most up-to-date with our current understanding of the language are Fiona Jallings's A Fan's Guide to Neo-Sindarin and these abbreviated notes of the same.

Eryn Tîn Glaur #1554

Thank you, I’ll have a look at those links!