Inter-language Transcription?

Thinduial · Sintyualë #1387

It seems that the words "Sindarin" such as in the Flashcard and Phrases interfaces are transcribed in the Sindarin mode (Sindarin)rather than Quenya mode (Sindarin). Can you change that transcription, Aldaleon? I don't want to bother you but I reckon it might mislead some guys on this website (I was mistaken by that transcription myself).

Thank you!

Thinduial Amrúnhael at 21:15, Jul.10th, 2020

Aldaleon #1388

Hi Thinduial,

Flashcards and phrases should be transcribed using the classical mode for the language. There should be no 'interlanguage' transcriptions.

I verified just now by looking at:

Both of these resources use the Quenya classical mode, which is correct. Which pages are you referring to?



Thinduial · Sintyualë #1389

Hi Aldaleon,

I would like to paste a picture here if I could. I think you might have misunderstood me. Just an example: go to the flashcard interface, and you should see four buttons: "Adûnaic", "Primitive Elvish", "Sindarin" and "Quenya". Beside the word "Sindarin" you can find some Tengwar: sindarin, which is the transcription of the word "Sindarin". But this transcription is made in the Sindarin mode, and I think it should be Quenya mode (sindarin) because the word "Sindarin" itself is Quenya.

I'm sorry if I didn't explain the situation too clearly.


thinduial amrûnhael

Aldaleon #1390

Ahaha 😂! What a massive oversight - you’re right! I’ll for sure correct that in a future update! Thanks!

Thinduial · Sintyualë #1391

Not at all 😉!

P.S. I think the same problem occurs here.

Aldaleon #1393

I have fixed this issue - see patch notes.

Thinduial · Sintyualë #1394

Thanks !

Thinduial · Sintyualë #1401

@Aldaleon Sorry to bother but I think the title “Noldorin” has the same problem.