Help Translating

Angela #1373

Hello! I would like to thank you for this amazing platform and resource! I am relatively new to this site, but I have been a fan of Tolkien’s works for years. I would love some help translating a phrase from one of his poems into either Quenya and possibly its Tengwar script as well! "Deep roots are not reached by the frost"

Thanks, Angela

Röandil #1380

In the past I’ve translated this line with Tumnë sundor lá rahtainë nixenen, lit. “Deep roots (are) not reached by-frost.” This kind of passive voice construction (“are not reached”) is a bit of a sticking point in Quenya for a couple of reasons, however, so I’d personally rephrase it to the active these days:

I nixë lá rahta tumnë sundor.

“The frost does not reach deep roots.”

Angela #1382

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help!