Elvish Names?

Caroline #1367

Does anyone know a good way to translate your name into Elvish? Is there a website or anything, or do you just have to figure it out on your own name?

Arwen-undomiel.com has a list, but they are very rough translations and I don't know if I ought to trust them. Help?

Elaran #1368

That website is beyond inaccurate and thus useless. I recommend avoiding it.

Now... Firstly, there is no "Elvish". Or rather, there are multiple languages and "Elvish" is rather an umbrella term for all. The most important ones are Quenya and Sindarin. Quenya is like what Latin is to us, an old language of science and ceremony. Sindarin is like English, a common tongue for (basically) all Elves.

Forming names in Quenya is often as simple as combining two words (though not always). But more often than not, name formation in Sindarin requires expert level knowledge on the historical phonetic development rules of the language, as I demonstrated here. So the only "good way", in my opinion, is to consult experts.

In other words, simply list the meanings (not Elvish words) that you would like for the name, and I would form the name for you.

Caroline #1369

Well, some of the Sindarin phrases on there are correct, but I know the names are not right- but yes, I know all about Sindarin and Quenya. What I meant by using the term "Elvish" is that I don't care what language the name is in. I just want my name translated.

So are you an expert?

Can you translate my name? I'm unclear on what you need me to give you...the meaning of Caroline is "free woman" or "joy/song of happiness." Using this website, I can translate those words. I suppose what I was asking is if my name translated into Elvish would equal the Elvish word for the meaning of the name. So, according to this website, "joy" is "alassea." Does this mean my name is Alassea, or is there a different word for my name?

Elaran #1370

Well, some of the Sindarin phrases on there are correct

What little good it has comes from better sources, but these have become obsolete and thus partially inaccurate as well.

I suppose what I was asking is if my name translated into Elvish would equal the Elvish word for the meaning of the name.

Not necessarily. As I shared here, no Elvish name is made up of just one element (an adjective or noun). It either needs another element (e.g. "great-joy"), and/or a type of masculine/feminine suffix (e.g. "joy-daughter").

Well alassëa is rather "joyful, happy", the Quenya word for "joy" is alassë. Its Sindarin cognate is glass. Basic feminine names with these would be Q. Alassiel ⪤ S. Glassiel/Glessiel "Joy(daughter/f.)". But I believe that the name actually means "free woman", thus I would offer Lerwen "Free-maiden" or Lerdis "Free-woman" (both are bilingual if we can assume that √LER is not Quenya-only). If you want the "song of happiness" sense as well, Q. Lindalassë & S. Linglas would work.

Telgaladh #3512

Hello, sorry to bother you here. I would just like to ask for your opinion, I am trying to translate my family's names. I was interested in both the Sindarin and Quenya variants. May I know your opinions? I tried at least Quenya according to your suggestion, but honestly I would be interested in Sindarin.

Lukas (Lucas): meaning - bringer of light, lighbringer, don't have a clue. Iveta (Yvette): meaning - yew tree, yew bow (Q-Tamuril + iel) - Tamuriel? David: meaning - beloved (Q- Melda + m. suffix On) - with Meldon? Samuel: meaning name of God or god has heard - (not sure) Ainon? Peter: meaning rock (Q- Caliondo + on) - Calion (Caliondon)? Monika: solitude one - (Q-Eresse + iel) - Eressiel?

Lomëndil #3833

Hello, can I ask in sindarin when I creat names some letters change to another au-o etc...... Is it the same in Quenya?