Tattoo help

Gitschi Eldar #1328

I'm planning on a tatto with the quote "Auta i lómë, utúlie'n autë" and I'm worried about getting the tengwar wrong, so I wanted to ask if this is correct:

I also wanted to ask if making the "tails" (english isn't my first language, sorry) shorter would be any problem? I want it to be as accurate as possible. Any help would be appreciated!

Tatalla tintilie malikono #1348

I looked at it and as far as I know it is good except that in the end you write "aure" and not "aute" because you use the romen and not the tinco tengwa simbol, i would also advise you to keep the "tails" as they are, the ones that are part of a vowel holder particularly.

Tatalla tintilie malikono #1349

sorry i was distracted, i just think you got it wrong now in the comment, in fact our dear Fingon son of Fingolfin says aure so the tengwar is correct.

Aldaleon #1352

Hi Gitschi, I'm honestly really uncomfortable giving advice when it comes to tattoos. They're permanent and you really don't want to get it wrong.

This is the text according to the transcriber we use:

Auta i lómë, utúlien autë