Fiery, Evil, Sindarin Translations

Hellish Devil #1278

Hello, I’m working on an art project and am looking for some correct translations of English phrases into Sindarin.

My purpose for using Sindarin is because of Gandalf’s other name “Mithrandir” translating to “Grey Wanderer”. I am making a character somewhat inspired by that.

Some phrases I’ve been trying to figure out are:

”Dark Wanderer” - Môrrandir. Meaning someone who is “dark” as being cloaked in darkness/has a dark aura.

“Hellish Prison” - Dûrgador. Trying to find something to represent a fiery, dark, evil, castle/dungeon/prison. Without sounding too much like already named castles (Minas Morgul, Barad Dûr, etc).

“Land of fire” - Dôrruin. Is there a way to say something like “Land of endless fire”?

Obviously a bit of a theme here. I thought about using black speech but as the character is based off of the “Mithrandir” concept I’m trying to use Sindarin.

If someone could let me know if I have the suffix/prefix in the right order, or if those phrases make any sense at all, I would be grateful. Any input welcome.

Thanks in advance

Elaran #1280

Drop all of those circumflexes. The words only have them in isolation, not in compounds. Nothing else to change (surprisingly) besides those.