More questions about names.

Anwion Mornen #1231

Ok, so I've been reading up on my elvish grammar.

I think "Ma sui Eru?" (Ma- who is, sui- like, as, Eru- God) is the correct translation for "Who is like God?" I think I got the word order and mutation correct. Please tell me if it's not!

But anyway, my question is how you would make that into a name. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that "Masuieru" is not correct. If I were to make it a name, would the word order change? Can it even be a name?

I also need to translate Pelican. I came up with "Aewiaunirth" (Bird of the large beak- Aew- bird, iaun- large, *irth- beak) Is this correct? Do I need to change the word order?

Also, is "Aearion" acceptable for Sea-son?



Elaran #1288

"No" to all of them as usual. I meant to address this before, but I will say it (?again) here, in case I forgot: Forming names properly in Sindarin is difficult. It should be left to experts, without any attempts from others. Because offering commentary on mistaken attempts alongside what the right forms should be needlessly lengthens the process. I will avoid going into detail this time.

I would rather go with be for "like". But I highly doubt that a question can work as a name in Elvish languages. I will offer a basic name with the root √MAN "holy, blessed, good..." which comes from Valarin Mānawenūz "One (closest) in accord with Eru, Blessed One", whence comes Manwë, the "Michael" of Arda.

  • Menion "Blessed-one".

To my knowledge, no Elvish name of a bird species has the word "bird" in it, so I will drop that. And I would rather avoid the reconstructed draft "beak". I will instead adapt Q. náva "mouth; hollow".

  • Lannof "Wide-mouth"

The word (g)aear never appears with that last A in compound forms.

  • (G)aerion "Sea-son"
Anwion Mornen #1309

Yeah, I didn't think that first name would work. Glad to know that "Pelican" is not what I thought it would be. I didn't see anything in this- ( about those triple vowels. Is there a document/book with more complete rules that the one mentioned above? (I'm tired of feeling like a noob :P) While this discussion is open, is my elvish name (Anwion Mornen) correctly formed? Actually, will you send me a doc with the Sindarin Name rules so I can check it over myself?


Elaran #1323

As the example image should have clarified, Sindarin has over 140 phonetic rules which govern compound words, and the rules would look like "dark magic" to a beginner. They require advanced linguistic understanding to be able to know what to do with them. Until acquiring such familiarity within the field, I recommend consulting experts rather than attempting to compound words as a beginner. Your name reads "Gift-son Dark-water" to me, which is fine if you meant to go for those meanings.