I need some help with a translation

Michele Ceccarini #1022

Hi, can someone translate for me this "No more let Life divide what Death can join together" English to Sindarin with Tengwar characters? Thanks

Elaran #1023

O sî avo dhavo Guil a chilthad i Gurth pôl erthad.
"From now (on) do not allow Life for dividing what Death can unite."
Click for the Tengwar transcription image.

Michele Ceccarini #1024

Thank you very much!!

Elaran #1025

I have noticed a typo in the Tengwar image, "pôl" and "erthad" had no space between them. I edited my original comment and linked to a new image now. I hope that you haven't used the first image for anything yet.

Michele Ceccarini #1026

Not yet, thanks again