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I understand that in traditional Elvish that Elfs are given, father names, mother names, descriptive or title like names and so on, and as they grow older they are given names that describe their personality or professions. My wife and I are having a baby and we were thinking of possibly (sort of) going by these traditions to name our daughter. However, we have decided on a name already. We want to, as fans and enthusiasts of Tolkien's work and of Elf culture, immerse her in this culture and make it a part of our family traditions. Getting to the point, we would like to find some kind of translation even if meaning based for her first and middle names. Elaria Luna. Sindarin and Quenya translations if possible. I tried pretty thoroughly to do a literal translation but as I understand in either language there isnt really a good way to make it complete. Seeing El as star, Ela as behold, ria as stem or wreath? I've mixed these pieces of the name around a lot and I'm not confident in my basic understanding of the grammatical and phonetic rules to decide on anything. Any help would be appreciated, Thankyou.

Elaran #1005

You seem to have mentioned that the languages are "incomplete". While that is not wrong, Tolkien left enough of his notes (root words and derivational rules) for other linguists to continue his work, so to speak. So we actually have access to a lot more words than one can find in a dictionary.

As for your question... I am not exactly sure what you need. But from what I can see, you already decided to name your daughter "Elaria Luna". And you are not trying to translate those to Quenya/Sindarin, instead you are trying to explain "Elaria Luna" as if they are already Quenya/Sindarin names. If that is the case, I am sorry to say that neither of those names work in Quenya/Sindarin. I would instead suggest translating the meanings, though this is not something a beginner should do, so I will help you with that. I only need you to tell me what meanings I should translate.

Danny Martin #1007

Sorry for replying so late. From what I understand the name Elaria has Arabic roots and means Joyful. As for Luna, it is a Latin word for moon.

Thank you for your help on here, I greatly appreciate it.

Elaran #1008

No problem! I would translate "joyful" as Glassiel "Joy-daughter" and "moon" as Ithilwen "Moon-maiden". You are most welcome!

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Please note that these are the Sindarin translations; their Quenya equivalents would be Alassiel and Isilwen/Iรพilwen. Congratulations in advance!

Elaran #1012

@Cellindir: Thanks! I had forgotten to offer the Quenya forms in my haste.

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@Elaran: No worries, dude!