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Dinh Vu #997

hi community. iam a new here, just started to read LOTR half month ago and iam been impress with the elf language and want to learn it, but i got some question; 1st, where do you learn to speak them ? 2nd, i found an elf translator (, but when i compare them with this dictionary, they didnt match. Why ? 3nd. when we speak, can we mix borth sindarin and quenya in one sentence ?

Tamas Ferencz #998

Hello, and welcome!

  1. It mostly depends on which language you are interested in, but you can start with Fiona Jalling's website, RealElvish: []
  2. Probably because whoever created that website didn't bother to research it properly and use correct grammar and dictionary behind the translator. Also, even Google with their vast resources are unable to make their Google Translator "perfect", so you really can't expect that from an entertainment website.
  3. No - they are two separate (although distantly related) languages, with quite different grammars and phonetics.

Hope this helps.

Tamas Ferencz #999

I forgot to add: the best starting point to getting know the languages is of course to read what Tolkien writes about them in the Appendix to the Lord of the Rings.

Dinh Vu #1003

thank for the help. i wish i could read english book as fast as my morther language, even i could i can't understand most of the meaning. i from vietnam and i want to learn this to poke my girlfriend :). But do quenya and sindarin speak all the same ? not the writing of couse.