Addi Grider #986

I need this for school tomorrow so can anyone please give me a general idea of how this phrase is pronounced in Sindarin??

Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of the men is dead. The man who is alive has his pack open; the man who is dead has his pack closed. What is in the pack?

Elaran #987

Tad nîr mi erf. Gerir byg. Min nîr gorth. I-nîr i guin gâr bog laden. I-nîr i ñorth gâr bog chollen. Ma mi bog?

Addi Grider #991

thank you!!!!

Aldaleon #995

Thanks Elaran! It is quite impressive how swiftly you can translate almost any English sentence into Sindarin!

Addi, please consider naming requests differently in the future. Pointing out the urgency in the subject is not always the best way to get attention. 😉 I hope you were able to use the sentence in school as it is always great to spread awareness about Tolkien's languages!

~ Aldaleon