Friend / Journey tattoo

Martijn Bosch #971

Hello people! I want a new tattoo with the words Friend Journey And I want it in elvish but I can't find the proper translation for it and I hope someone can help me out! If possible I want both words in : Quenya and in Sindarin Hope to hear from you soon!

Elaran #973

Do you mean something like "journey of (a) friend", or simply "friend" and "journey" separately?

Martijn Bosch #974

Friend and journey separately if possible in Quenya and Sindarin :) I found a website : But I don't know if it translates in the right words.

Elaran #975

That website only has a faulty transcriber, not a translator. It does not translate words into an Elvish language, it transcribes English/other words from the Latin alphabet to Tengwar (aka the Elvish alphabet). And as a rule you should not trust any translators, as even things like "Google Translate" often fails with real languages, and it is far worse with Elvish translators, almost always offering no more than gibberish.

This website (Parf Edhellen) gives you access to multiple dictionaries, and simply searching for "friend" should show you that it is meldo (male) & meldë (female) in Quenya (among other words), and mellon in Sindarin (among other words). As for "journey" there is lenda in Quenya, with no attested cognate in Sindarin, but some fans use *lend, while I think that *lîdh would be better (from ledh- "to go, travel, journey", based on verb-noun pairs like mel- "to love" & mîl "love").

Martijn Bosch #976

Thanks for all your information already!! But now my last question is.. is it possible to have both words in elvish script like you have after your name.. I see so many different ways to the elvish script.. I hope you can help me out!

Elaran #977


Q. meldo & meldë / lenda

S. mellon / lîdh (or lend)

Martijn Bosch #978

Thanks for your answer.. But I mean the symbols Elvish script / symbols. Hope you can help me

Elaran #979

I did help you. Click on those words and you will see the scripts.

Martijn Bosch #981

One last question How would you write: The journey does not end here. In Elvish script?

Elaran #983

You have not specified whether you want it to be translated to Sindarin before transcribed with Tengwar, so here: English+Tengwar, and Sindarin+Tengwar: I lîdh law dêl hî.