translate Find the light in the Dark to Sindarin

Scarlett Barrera #930

Hello, everyone! I need a little of help... Can someone help me to translate "Find the light in the Dark" to Sindarin Elvish? I´m quite not sure if this will be the best option... "Rad i galad mín i dûr". Thanks to everyone, I have really enjoyed and learn a lot from the page already!

Elaran #931

Parf Edhellen can be very informative, but it is primarily a dictionary website, and so it cannot quite help with grammar. For example, to form the "i galad" part of the sentence, I would guess that you simply found galad (which is not quite "light" but rather "radiance") in the dictionary and used it directly, instead of using calad "light" and soft-mutating it to "galad" due to the preceding "i" (I should add that a soft mutated form of the "radiance" galad would be "ñalad"). So you ended up with a seemingly correct form by chance here (if it was indeed by chance and not purposeful), but the rest of the sentence does not work well.

That "rad" is rather "path", the verb is rad(a)- "to make/find a way" and the imperative form (which this sentence needs) is rado, though is not quite the right verb here. The final N in min already works as an article so the following "i" makes it "...the the..." in a way. And dûr should have undergone soft-mutation as it follows "i", which would have been "i nûr" (and not "i dhûr" because [n]dûr is a prenasalised word), though like I said the "i" is redundant.

Normally I skip to a proper translation, but I wanted to point these out to explain that Sindarin has a complex (far more so than I showed here) grammar, as intricate as real languages (if not more, in some cases), since you seemed interested in learning. With that, here is your requested translation:

Hiro i galad mi môr. - Find the light in the dark.

Zuana #953

Dear Community, I am new here and I am looking for the translation of " May the light be with you" to Quenya. Would anyone be able to help me or let me where to find this information? thanks a million

Tamas Ferencz #954

That can be translated as

Nai cále nauva aselye.

Zsuzsanna Zohori #955

Thank you very much Tamas would you also happen to know the Sindarin version of „May the light be with you?“

Elaran #958

It might have been better to create separate entries for new requests, but since we are here...

@Zsuzsanna Zohori: The Sindarin translation of what you requested would be:

No i galad di len. "Be that [the] light [is] with you."

Zsuzsanna Zohori #961

Your help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Scarlett Barrera #962

@Elaran Thanks a lot for the help. Actually "galad" was the only word that I was confident it was correct, hahaha. For the other parts of the sentence I was quite not sure, I just started to learn Sindarin and I though it would be a good idea to try to translate something in specif to learn... but is hard when English is not your mother language. I will keep reading all the entries here and try to understand more Sindarin and how it works. Thanks for the help!!

Elaran #963

@Scarlett Barrera: I did not use galad "radiance (light by reflection)", I used calad "light" with "soft mutation".