quenya translation - elemental mage - problems of grammar

Alesque Strandgazer #920

Mae Govannen quentaro

Proper grammar elude me. How would you translate : "mage of (the) fire"

i was thinking of Nólanaro but it could be Naronóla or Narnóli (or 5 others shape)

I have the same problem with the 4 élémentals

idem with "mage of the darkness" : nólaLúna it is not a "black mage" nor a user of "black magic" (morgul) nor a mage with black hair. (like fingolfin) the chance of errors is high on this one.

Elaran #921

For "Fire-wizard" I would say Náristar. For "Black-wizard" I would say Móristar.

Alesque Strandgazer #922

thanks elaran.

I was in the feeling that ISTAR was not only the name of the highest grade of wizard, but a divine category like maiar or valar. It was I try not to use it. with all these synonyms mixing knowledge an dwizardy , i touht it would be easier.

But you are right, it sounds great.

Alesque Strandgazer #923

I may have a problem with AIR.

"Vilyaistar" has a mega diphtong. Even pronounced in hiatud it doesn't seem right.

Alesque Strandgazer #924

found "Suristar" = mage of the Wind

also, "Olvaristar" = Wise of what grow in earth (aka Nature Mage, aka druid)

Elaran #925

I would not worry about using istar. It is certainly better than using an adjective (ñóla) as a noun at any rate.

I prefer a more homogeneous pattern with such things. Here:

Vílistar Air-wizard (note the acute mark "VÍL...")
Nénistar Water-wizard
Cémistar Earth-wizard
Náristar Fire-wizard
Cálistar Light-wizard
Móristar Dark-wizard