Profile editing help.

Ciryaquendil #911

I know this may seem way a trite question, but I don't know how to remove a profile avatar picture that I didn't want to submit, and I'm finding no way to remove it from there. Someone help please?

Aldaleon #912

Hi Maiwendil,

This is actually a feature that does not currently exist. However, you can replace your avatar by uploading a different one. If you want to use the anonymous avatar, I can manually delete your avatar for you.

I will add this feature to the next version of Parf Edhellen.

Kind regards,

Ciryaquendil #913

Hi Aldaleon,

Thank you for your answer. I would be really greatful if you could delete my avatar. Also thanks for checking those features Parf Edhellen may lack to add them, even if they're as trite as this one.

Yours faithfully, Maiwendil

Aldaleon #927

Hi Maiwendil,

I have removed your avatar.

Kind regards,