Help translating.

Saga Nilsson #843

Hi! I'm really sorry if I'm not allowed to make these kind of posts, or if it annoys anyone, im new to this site. My father just passed away, and I was thinking of making a lotr inspired tattoo in his memory. He was a huge fan of lotr aswell as me. So I was wondering if anyone who knows elvish could help me come up with some phrases that fit.

Kind regards, Saga

Elaran #844

I'm sorry for your loss. And don't worry, you're most welcome to post. Do you have anything in mind? If you could share them, I can translate them to Quenya or Sindarin (and then transcribe to Tengwar) for you.

Saga Nilsson #845

Thank you so much for your reply. You are very kind <3 I was thinking something along the lines ''Rest in peace, father. I will always love you''. But since I dont know elvish my self, of any version, I'm up for suggestions. I was thinking of using the inscription from the ring, and having this text in the middle of the ring. Thank you so much again<3

Elaran #846

You're welcome. Here:

Sedho vi hîdh, adar. Le melathon an uir.

Click for Tengwar transcription.