The name for the sword

Иван Кирсанов #837

Hello to all! I am seriously fond of role-playing games. And not the first year I find inspiration on this wonderful site. However, there is a question for the solution of which my knowledge of languages ​​is absolutely insufficient. One of my favorite characters, a kind-hearted elf, a sword master, wields an ancient weapon from Gondolin. And this sword needs a good name. Since the character whose adventures I play is closely associated with light, gold and joy (to be honest, this is Glorfindel, I am his big fan), I came up with a suitable name: dancing-under-the-sun (or dancing in the sunlight, or a sunny dancer). I wanted to come up with something light, melodious, and at the same time, reflecting the essence of the sword. After studying dictionaries and textbooks, I managed to put together a suitable construct: Liltala-ni-are, where lilt is a dance, a is the present-time suffix, la is the sacrament ending, and are sunshine. But this name seems cumbersome to me, and besides, I am not sure of its correctness. I will be grateful if you find this little puzzle interesting and help me with the name. Maybe there are alternative translations or a way to beautifully cut this one? Quenya or Sindarin - does not matter. P.S. I apologize for bad english, this is not my native language.

Paul Strack #839

For your literal translation, liltala “dancing” is a verbal adjective in Quenya. You probably want the noun form liltie, so liltie-nu-áre

A possible Sindarin equivalent might be lilt-nu-aur

If this feels too long for you, you might rearrange the elements as perhaps áreliltie or árelilte “sunlight dance”, perhaps aurlilt in Sindarin.

Röandil #840

Áre has a stem in -i-, so probably rather Árililt(i)e (or Árililtale, with another form of the verbal noun?).

I'd also expect the Sindarin diphthong to simplify in compound. Something about a final -lt looks off, but I'll defer to our Sindarinists on that.

Paul Strack #841

Röandil you are right about both ári- and the reduction of au. I always forget about that rule, so the S. form should be orlalt. The final lt is legitimate though: compare to S. malt “gold”

Иван Кирсанов 1 #842

Wow. Thank you for the detailed analysis! I think Árililtale will be nice, and Sindarin analogue "orlalt" sounds very good!