Paypal/Parf Edhellen?

Melui Nínuihên #537


I have a question about the web-site itself. Some time ago there was a link to paypal for donations for the upkeep of this site.

With the latest overhaul I cannot find that anymore. Am I just too daft to re-locate the link or has this possibility been cancelled for some reason or other and if so, is there still a way to donate and contribute to the costs?

Edited for spelling error, sorry.

Aldaleon #538

Hi Melui,

Thank you! It is true that the button is temporarily unavailable as I restructure the content on the website. For now, you can use the following link to do a one-time or recurring donation:

Again, I am incredibly thankful for your generosity!


Leonard "Aldaleon"

Aldaleon #1945

Please note that I've decided to close the Paypal donation account. Parf Edhellen is now entirely funded by advertisement.