translate phrase for tattoo

Айдана Кулмагамбетова #363

hello everyone! i going to do a tattoo on sindarin language and tengwar writing. i don't know how correctly i'm writing my message on english now, but i hope, you'll understand and help me with this :) i looked different kind of translatings, but i afraid, what if it won't be correct. so i need your help. phrase: The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. this is an example of translating with yandex translate: "i cuil na gurth continues ben i memory in living".

thanks you a lot)

Elaran #367

Yandex cannot translate anything properly, as you can see. I would translate that phrase as:

I-guil gyrth dortha vidh rîn i chuiar.

And it would look like this with the "Elvish Alphabet".