Atanquesta, a new NeoQuenya textbook

Tamas Ferencz #345

Hi Everyone,

I would like to inform you that my new NeoQuenya textbook Atanquesta - a NeoQuenya Primer is now available. The textbook is aimed at beginner and intermediate students who would like to study the language.

Atanquesta is available in online and offline versions and can be found at .

For discussions around the textbook and Tolkien's languages in general everyone is welcome to join our community on Google Plus:

Languages of Middle-Earth:

Thank you

Tamas Ferencz (Atwe)

Aldaleon #355

Thank you Tamas for letting us know about this great publication. I will be looking at ways to sticky this post in the future, to ensure it is not lost in the discussion.

Aldaleon #380

I have now pinned your book to the top of the discussion. 👌