Translation for "Book of Wisdom"

Eco Erwynna T'eledra #341

I am trying to translate "Book of Shadows", through which I have come to "Book of Wisdom" to be closer to the meaning I am trying to achieve. I have so far:

Parma (Book) Noleme (Deep lore/Wisdom) -ie affix for "of something"

So I have come up with: Parma Onolemie

Book of O (together/collection) + nolem- (noleme=deep lore/wisdom) + -ie (of)

Am I close? I want to say a Book of a Collection of Deep Lore/Wisdom. Is the "Book" redundant? Or should it be: Parma Nolemie?

Tom Bombadil #342

As far as I know, -ie is one of six suffixes which make something an abstract noun or an adverb. One of the five others is -me, so nóleme is already an abstract noun. Maybe I missed something about -ie's meaning, but I would use another suffix, scilicet the genitive ending -o. Then it would be Parma Nólemeo. The prefix o- might be right, I'm not shure about that. You could also use an adjective instead. It would be easiest to use a participle, which is between the two nouns, like ocómina, hostaina or comyaina.

Quildamo #368

I would recommend Parma Ñolmeo, with ñolmë meaning “knowledge, philosophy (including science), department of wisdom (science, etc.)”, which seems to fit the context of your title.

When we say "Book of Wisdom", it is implied that this would be a collection of wisdom, so I think the prefix *o- wouldn't be needed.