All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

donna moise #337

Can someone kindly help me by providing the actual elvish transcript for the poem "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter "

Aldaleon #338

Hi Donna,

To date, the Tolkien Estate has not released an elvish version of the poem, so as far as we are concerned, there is none.



Tom Bombadil #340

Hi Donna, I tried to translate it into quenya, although you didn't ask for that but the original text. Anyway, if you are interested:

Ilye engwi, yar malta, lar alate,

Ala ilye mor, yer Ránar, nainte vanwa;

Enwine engwi, yar voronda, lante quele,

Nicusse úpole anya tumne sulcannar.

Náre nai eccoituva Yúlallo,

Cala nai eccapuva ungwellon;

Nai i rácina russe oluva envinyanta,

I arríendo nai nauva ata aran.

I usually used the aorist, but also the future tense after nai. La has a lot of meanings, it is also a verb, so don't be confused. Most of the words which I used are pretty easy, but I think that I have to explain the most complicated ones;

úpole has the prefix ú- (not) and the aorist form of pol- (can).

Eccapuva is a compound of et- (out), cap- (leap) and -uva (future tense). I could have used Tuia- too, but i was not certain about the future tense. Tuiuva?

Arriendo is a compound of al- (less), ríe (crown) and -ndo (personal ending). Other words would have been possible too, like ríencando (ríe-enca-ndo).

Quildamo #369

Hi Donna,

Like Aldaleon have said, there is no official Elvish version of Strider's Poem, yet there are many fan-made versions that you can find like the one made by Tom Bombadil. But those may become obsolete once new material comes up.

Here are a few fan-made versions:

Quenya101's translation (May have become obsolete due to new material like Parma Eldalamberon)

Roandil's translation: Part 1 Part 2 (Newest as of current time, may become obsolete)

Kind Regards,