Tanen - in that way (Quenya)

Tom Bombadil #334

Excuse me for asking this question, for i already know the answer, but what does "in that way" mean? It is the gloss of tanen (and sinen is glossed as "in this way"), but I remember very well how my English teacher, whose mother tongue was not English, told me that "in that way" does not exist and that no English person could understand that.

Excuse me again, just perfidy and thirst for revenge of an old pupil, but I would like to hear it from native speakers: You would accept that gloss and you would not demand that it must be "in this spirit", wouldn't you?

Ríon Gondremborion #335

Uhm, interesting question/ dig at your old teacher.

I'd have to say that while "in that way" isn't a phrase I use daily but I have used/seen it used and that yes, "I did not do it in that way" can but must not necessarily mean "in this spirit", as it could also imply the method the action was done with, not exclusively the emotional intention.