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Sarah Stainbrook #3854

I'm looking to translate a concept of a temporary waypoint for a human soul to rest after death but before reaching the halls of Mandos. It should be in Sindarin. I've found Echadh i Fae as a rough translation, but I'm wondering if there's something that could capture that concept as a single word (noun)? Thanks in advance!

Rínor #3855

Hello Sarah! I am trying to figure out Echadh? There is hadh- which means to sit. and then there is sedh- which means to rest.

You could use post n. “pause, halt, rest, cessation, respite”.

Post-e-Fae (Respite of the Spirit) could work for a location name.

Sarah Stainbrook #3856

Thanks, Rinor. I found Echad or Echadh as "camp" here:

Rínor #3858

Ah, got it so with S. Echad I Sedryn loc. “Camp of the Faithful” it is an old source.

You might use tham "hall". So Tham-i-Fae/Tham i Fae that would be Hall of the Spirits.

Faetham Spirit Hall

Post-i-Fae Respite of the Spirits

Faebost Spirit Respite

Sarah Stainbrook #3859

I really like Faebost, thanks for the suggestion! How do I pronounce it?

Rínor #3860

So pronunciation can very person to person as we all pronounce things differently. I will include the IPA as well.

  • F = F
  • ae (a͡ɛ) is most like i in English time. ae is similar to ai, but ai ends at a less open vowel height. J.R.R. Tolkien said that ae and ai can be pronounced the same if a person cannot tell the difference between them.
  • b = b
  • o (ɔ) the Sindarin o is most like o in English hot, but with rounder lips. It can also be pronounced like the o in the Italian word notte. Either pronunciation is suitable, but it never has a w off-glide like ow in English show.
  • s = s Sindarin s is always pronounced like s in English safe, and never like s in English ease. There is no z in Sindarin.
  • t = t
Sarah Stainbrook #3861


Sarah Stainbrook #3976

I decided to go with "Faebost" for this concept. What would the singular and plural be? Thanks again for your help!

Rínor #3978

Your welcome, faebost would be singular and faebyst would be plural.

Sarah Stainbrook #3979