Gratitude for help..

Tounn #237

Greetings eveyone! I am new here,but I have to tell that I am in awe.You're doing magic here...and I ask for help.I know a few words,but I need help with the following sentence : " Guardians of the Fortress of The Creator " I saw an almost similar, but different post.I study norn and dragon language at the moment..thank you from hungary land....sincerely...tounn

Ríon Gondremborion #238

Hello there! What language are you attempting to translate this sentence into? I would assume you mean one of the major elven languages, but are you looking for Quenya (High-Elven/Elf Latin) or are you looking for Sindarin (common speech)?

Elaran #239

Let's just offer both:

Quenya: Tirnor Taureva Ilúvataro.
Sindarin: Tirn e-Daur en-Iladar.
"Guardians/Watchers of the Forest of the All-father."

Nimlothiel #241

Was it forest or fortress that you wanted? If forest than it would be as Elaran stated. If it was ‘fortress’ then it would be the same only with e-barad instead of e-Daur, i.e: Tirn e-barad en-Iladar. (In Sindarin).

Tounn #242

First of all..thank both of your answer.. I was asking Fortress.... "Guardians of the Fortress of The Creator" Which language..well..these few words means a I vote quenya...but sindarin fits better....It will be in a tattoo on me....any suggestion from you? Thank you..

Elaran #243

@Nimlothiel: barad means only "tower" in Sindarin, unlike its "Noldorin" (Sindarin's draft) meaning "fort, fortress".

@Tounn: Apologies, it seems that I misread "fortress" as "forest". Corrections:
Quenya: Tirnor Ostova Ilúvataro. | Click for Tengwar image.
Sindarin: Tirn en-Ost Iladar. | Click for Tengwar image.

Decided to drop "en" from "Iladar", treating as a name rather than a title.

Tounn #244

Thank you both Elaran and Nimlothiel for your help...means a lot!as much as a seen so far here..You are all wonderful beings..I'll stay in this wonderful 'land' as long as I welcome..and try to learn..thank you Sincerely

Nimlothiel #245

@Elaran ahhh ok, I was going to use ost however I decided against it (!), Thankyou though! Also @Toun you are most welcome, altgough you have Elaran to thank more than me! It is still much appreciated, however!

Tounn #246

Greeting Elaran... just one more time about my question above..than "Tirn en-Ost Iladar" in Sindarin means "Guardians/Watchers of the Fortress of the All-father." thank you for your answer.. sincerely tounn