Verb position in sentences (sindarin).

Nimlothiel #220

Hi, I wandered if anyone could help me with a question that has been bothering me for some time now. Where does/can the verb go in a sentence? For example - if you had the simple sentence ‘the night is falling/falls’, would it be: i dhû danna/i fuin danna or would it be: danna i dhû/danna i fuin. Or is it acceptable both ways? Any help given would be much appreciated! Thank you.

Aldaleon #223

Sindarin has variable word order.

We have SVO:

Ar e aníra ennas suilannad mhellyn în phain "And he desires to greet there all his friends"


Ónen i-Estel Edain "I gave Hope to Men."

Study existing phrases and imitate the pattern.

In regards to translating "the night is falling," I would say that *danna i dhû has a more imperative mood than *i dhû danna, but I would not necessarily avoid it in a poetic context if it helped me conform with the meter.

Nimlothiel #224

Thankyou very much Aldaleon, that has definitely sorted out a long standing query of mine!