Sindarin tense

Nimlothiel #160

Hi, I just wandered if someone could tell me how you would go about saying phrases like ‘I have come’ or ‘he has fallen’ or ‘they have arrived’ in sindarin. I’m sorry that I don’t know the correct verb form name thingy - I did look but as I am no linguist I couldn’t really understand what this tense was. And also, if it was ok, how you would say something like: ‘have you seen?’ or ‘have you been there?’ etc. Thankyou for any help! *Edit: hi, sorry I just remembered also if anyone could help me with creating or finding a word that would mean ‘balcony’, a bit random I know(!) but if you could then it would be much appreciated! Many thanks.

Quildamo #161

The tense you’re talking about here is called the perfect tense, which is composed of have and the past participle of the verb you wish to use in English.

But since there is no perfect tense in Sindarin, you’ll have to use past tense instead.

I’ll use “Cennich” for “you have seen, but I don’t know how to form a question from this.

Quildamo #163

For the word “balcony” in Sindarin and Quenya (since they are the same) I chose talan, which means platform.

Sometimes you have the search for synonyms (and sometimes antonyms) to get the word you want.

Nimlothiel #164

Thankyou very much!

Aldaleon #165

Concerning **cennich, this conjugation is contested, if not downright inaccurate. The wider linguistic community believe that *egínen "I saw" based on car- "make" > agor- "made".

Nimlothiel #167

Ok thanks!

Nimlothiel #189

If the 2nd person informal form of ‘cen-’ is ‘egínen’, what would the first person be?

Aldaleon #190

Thank you, Nimlothiel: it was a typo. I have corrected it!

*egínen or *egennen “I saw”
*egíneg or *egenneg “you saw”
*egin or *egent “he/she/it saw”


Nimlothiel #191

Thankyou! That makes much more sense now!

Nimlothiel #231

So does this rule mean that all i-stem verbs behave this way? Or is it only a few which are irregular. For example, would they past tense of ‘tol-’ in the third person be ‘udul’ or would it be ‘toll’? Thankyou once again!