Elvish Grammar

StarGift #1169

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there were any places that you would recommend to learn more about elvish grammar. Elaran has already recommended this document and I was wondering if there were any more PDFs/sites that I should look at.

Also, yes I am aware that there may be differences between Sindarin and Quenya grammar. I'll take either ☺️.


Felix R. M. #1196

The document you shared looks like a good place to start. I recommend [redacted] site as a good place to learn more

[Admin's Edit: The link has been redacted due to its misleading nature.]

Elaran #1198

@Felix R. M.: That link predates numerous publications of Tolkien's notes and essays on his languages. In other words, since it was written before works like PE22 (2015), it shares more theories than attested information (e.g. the link gives "-ch" as the 2nd person suffix for Sindarin, whereas Tolkien gives "-g" in PE17). Then again, Tolkien's later works not only debunks theories, but it also replaces some of his own older works (e.g. Sindarin "we(ex.) will come" should now be "tolathof" and not "telitham"). So I recommend avoiding older works like that. More importantly, please avoid sharing them.