StarGift #1142


Is there a specific place on Parf Edhellen where there is a transcriber? Or can you only do it on the edit profile page????

This would be very useful to know. Thanks!


Aldaleon #1143

Aiya StarGift, and welcome to Parf Edhellen!

The transcriber is available for all fields that accept Tengwar. You can also use it on the forum with the @quenya|text@ described under the Formatting tab. Example: mae govannen!

However, there is currently no stand-alone page where you can use it in separation, for like creating images or such for sharing. What is the use case you have in mind?


StarGift #1145

Thank you Aldaleon! I did not have any specific text in mind but I often want to transcribe things so this was most helpful.


Aldaleon #1146

I understand. Transcribing is an interesting problem. There are plenty of glyphs in Tengwar that need a representation in the font of your choice. On this website, we use a font that is optimised for the Internet and Tengwar itself, with the accurate visual fidelity we are looking for. But this also means that the transcription for our font may not necessarily be compatible with a different font.

There are ways to solve this, and I will note this down as a feature request to consider in the future.

StarGift #1148

Thank you Aldaleon! This was very helpful. Thanks for considering this for the future.

Also, while I am thinking about this, is there a way to transcribe the Tengwar back into English lettering, even just phonetically, for those of us who are still learning to read Tengwar?

Thanks for your help!

Felix R. M. #1197

If you want to use a site with many different fonts that supports English, Sindarin, Quenya, and other languages, both real and fictional, I recomend Tecendil