Elaran #1060

I don't think that I understand what's going on here. You created a name but don't know how you created it?

Verilmë the Adorner #1064

Unfortunately, ten doesn't mean "helper", you must have been confused. Aratan means "Noble Man" and is the name of Isildur's son in Tolkien's work. For "Noble Helper" (with a feminine ending) I would suggest Arastámë, for Tolkien himself gave Rómestámo as "East-Helper".

Anwion Mornen #1065

I would, but I need something Sindarin.

Elaran #1066

Making proper names in Sindarin is not as simple as in Quenya. Not that Q. -stámo is strictly proper (because it isn't, strictly speaking).

I could help, but looks like the original post is gone. So I am even more uncertain as to what is needed than before, but I will guess this:

@Arlyn Stormbringer: Do you need two feminine names as "Noble Helper" and "Lord-daughter"?

Anwion Mornen #1067

Not anymore, but thanks :) I have a few. Aradess: Noble Maiden Arastame: Noble Helper Aralind: Noble Maiden, fair of hair. Turiel: the father-name, Lord-daughter Tell me if any of those are already taken ;) Also if you ever figure out what the suffix -ten means. Thanks! (Arlyn, who recently changed his username)

Elaran #1069

You don't need the translations anymore?

"Arastame" (rather Arastámë) is a Quenya name (a disagreeable one at that), and you mentioned wanting Sindarin names. Have you changed your mind?

"Aradess" is problematic, with at least two issues. And "Aralind" does not mean "Noble Maiden" or "fair of hair".

I have no idea on what you are trying to say with "tell me if any of those are already taken ;)".

I don't have to figure out what "-ten" means, because I know for a fact that it should not exist in Sindarin. Certainly not with the sense "helper". And I fail to understand why you need others to figure out what your own creation means. Wasn't that problematic "Araten" something that you made up?

I am having trouble understanding your goals here. Please be clearer, or I will not be able to help you. Otherwise I may delete this thread.

Anwion Mornen #1070

I apologize. I'm not good at online communications. I need a female Sindarin name, preferably meaning 'Helper' or 'Defender,' though something involving 'Fair Hair,' and/or 'Blue Eyes' would also work well. I have the second name, I just need the first. I though I had several, but they seemed to not quite cut the bill. So now I'm back to the drawing board. Forget anything I ever said about -ten. it doesn't exist. According to Elvish Naming Conventions, no two elves should have the same name. So I don't want it to be the same as any other elf from Tolkien's works. Does that help clear things up?

-Thank you!

Elaran #1073

I can offer these:

Arthandis "Noble-shield-woman"
Banwen "Fair-maiden"

While we are at it, I should also address your username. "Awnion" does not make sense, and there are three separate reasons which require that "ô" to be simply "o":

  1. There are no over-long vowels in polysyllabic Sindarin words (unless dictated by another condition which is not the case here).
  2. The only reason for the existence of over-long vowels in Sindarin is a very late lengthening rule which only affects monosyllabic words.
  3. Long vowels (let alone over-long vowels) are shortened before consonant clusters (e.g. "-rd-" in "moRDuin").

Also the Tengwar bit after your name reads "ʧʰbwsw̥wu4vʃr̥sw" (in General Mode) because Tengwar fonts are not supposed to work with our keyboards. For example "Morduin" requires "t7Y2hM5" to be written, so that it would actually read "Morduin".

Anwion Mornen #1075

I was wondering about the tengwar. Thanks. Anwion is not supposed to really make sense. It's Anw (gift) + -ion (Male suffix) The full meaning is "Gift from Dark Water," though it reads more like "Son of a gift from Dark River." I mostly picked it for how it sounds. Anyway, thanks for your help.

Elaran #1077

Except your username is "AWNion" and not "ANWion".