Verilmë the Adorner #1055

Do you have any thoughts on Quenya/Sindarin for chocolate?

The origins of the word in Mesoamerican languages are uncertain, and all the variants relate to its ancient use as a drink (confusing to the modern eye). Giving it a descriptive name is tricky because of its multitude of forms. I've come up with cacalassë, which sounds close enough and would have a meaning "continue-joy".


Tamas Ferencz #1056

That wouldn't work even as a folk etymology, because cacarra- cannot be analyzed liked that; it is a formation special to Quenya, forming frequentative verbs out of verbs (in this case car- "do, make, build") by duplication of the first consonant and vowel, e.g. tul/tutulla, fara/fafarra, sil/sisíla, quet/quequetta etc. "caca" in itself has no meaning.

How the word chocolate would be adapted to Quenya phonology is a good question, perhaps tyokolat or tyokolatte.

Verilmë the Adorner #1063

Thank you!