Gloss “habad” by Parviphith (Helge Fauskanger)


noun. shoe

habad (i chabad, o chabad), pl. hebaid (i chebaid). Archaic pl. hebeid (LR:386).

In the Etymologies as printed in The Lost Road this word was glossed ‘shore’ and this has been adopted by Fauskanger in Parviphith. However this was a misreading of ‘shoe’ in the manuscript, confirmed in Lambengolmor/735.

Sindarin [Parviphith, Lambengolmor/735] Group: Parviphith. Published by
Medliwen #2097

The English translation is likely shoe, not shore. hyapat is a quenya gloss and it references (SKYAP; in the Etymologies as printed in LR the gloss appears as "shore", but according to this was a misreading of Tolkien's manuscript). Noldorin habad translates to shoe as well.

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