Gloss 'Eglarim' by Imported

Thorondor #1770

This particular word is defined as meaning 'A name for the Noldor'. I was just wondering, and thought I would ask those smarter than I, if the word breaks down further, that is, what does it mean? Obviously it was used as a name for the Noldor, but does it mean anything besides that? I find that usually names for a people in Tolkien's work break down further to words describing that people, like Rohirrim meaning 'horse-folk', or Laiquendi meaning 'green-elves'. I have looked into it myself and found possible meanings, but I wondered if there was a more official breakdown of the word. Thanks!

Aldaleon #1772

Mae govannen Thorondor!

Eglarim is derived to eglath “the foresaken” thus “the forsaken people.”


Thorondor #1775

Aiya, Aldaleon!

Thank you for your help. I had figured it meant something along those lines, but I wasn't sure if I was dissecting the word properly, etc.