Gloss “ndangwetha” by Eldamo Import


noun. answer


  • Ndangwetha ✧ PM/395


  • S. dangweth “answer, *(lit.) back-report” ✧ PM/395
Old sindarin [PM/395] Group: Eldamo. Published by
Tom Bombadil #1406

If this is Primitive Quendian or Common Eldarin, wouldn't we see for Sindarin

Ndangwetʰa > Ndanbetʰa > Ndambetʰa > Ndambetʰ > Ndambet > Dambet > Dambed > Dammed > Damed?

That is, if Old-Noldorin -tʰ > -t still applies. In PE/395, Ndangwetha isn't assigned a language; and I'd say it's more likely to be late Old Sindarin or early Middle Sindarin, formed at a time after w- > gw-, but before nd- > d- and with the PQ form of the second element being wetʰā. This would explain why gw didn't turn into b (the g- developed later, maybe by analogy), why the -a didn't vanish in CE (it was originally long) and why the -th remained (because it was at the time not final).

Paul Strack #1408

You're right, it's probably an Old Sindarin (or later) compound.