Gloss “gaer” by Eldamo Import


adjective. awful, fearful, awful, fearful, [N.] dreadful


  • gaer ✧ WJ/400 (gaer)


  • gairā “awful, fearful” ✧ WJ/400
    • GAY(AR) “awe, dread; astound, make aghast; sea” ✧ WJ/400

Element in

  • S. Gaerys “Ossë” ✧ WJ/400

Phonetic Developments

gairā > gaer[gairā] > [gaira] > [gair] > [gaer]✧ WJ/400
Tom Bombadil #1255

Is that horrifying or horrified? I'd say awful rather implies the former while fearful implies the latter, but it hardly means both, does it?

Tamas Ferencz #1256

Fearful can mean both, see

Tom Bombadil #1257

So, Gaer means both too? I'm just asking because causing fear and being in fear is quite a difference to me; does one suffix (-ā) really cover both in Elvish?