Ríon Gondremborion

I'm a nerd of many a genre: DnD, conlang, generic nerding (Ravenclaw btw). I like to think myself as a sophisticated and dignified individual... but I'm something of a complete failure at that, so...

My study of elvish is recreational, I'm not a linguist or anything so for those of you whom either are linguists or take this semi-seriously please don't take offense by what I say in the discuss section: I know I'm prone to a decent few errors and that's why I'm always open to people correcting what I say.

My eventual goal is to reach a level of understanding of the two languages to the point where I could translate the memories from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild into a Gondolin-like system of Sindarin & Quenya. This might take a while.

In the intermission before I try smacking my face into that thorny bush I'm trying to come up with verbal portions of my spells in Elvish (Quenya specifically, as a language of lore it fits a little better, plus it's easier to put into a rough verse which to me conveys a greater sense of magic). Being aware that the only Middle Earth "Spell" given to us is in Sindarin... Well I am prone to errors.

Cuio anann a no alwen!

Ríon Gondremborion

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