Avaloyuru Geovaughni

I am a Tolkien fan-fiction writer. While I that I do not stick to every acceptable social ideology in my writings, I do not re-write what has already been written by Tolkien. All of my storylines follow the Tolkien timeline of events so as not to have "my story" overlap with a "Tolkien event" in his own writings, I am not as cautious when it comes to the movie versions. All of my writings obviously take place in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, however, the greater majority of the characters in my writings are my personal creations. While I have exercised a degree of 'writers liberties' with some of Tolkien's characters, it is in primarily in those areas that have been left open or unexplained in any of his (Tolkien) writings that I have found so far. One of the most popular Tolkien Characters that fan-fiction writers are drawn to is Thranduil, simply because there is so much about him and his father, Oropher, that is alluded to yet left unsaid. One big example is that Tolkien never even mentions their wives, yet they must have existed at some point. I have struggled (as do many) when it comes to using 'elvish phrases' in my writings as it is so difficult to find authoritative resources for Tolkien Languages. I am also a member of the Tolkien Gateway Society and research the timeline of a character before I write the story. In essence, my stories are about what they are doing during the time periods not covered in the books.

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