Renio sui ‘waew fly like the wind

Lillo sui lass dance like a leaf

No istui sui ‘aladh be learnéd like tree

A lego ilthass and forget every worry

Linno nu venel sing under the sky

Panno i amar nan glîr fill the world with song

A na thîr lîn bân and with all your honour

Thilio sui vîr glisten like a jewel

No vell suin-eryd be strong like the mountains

Noro lim sui aras run swift like a deer

Ah ae dhannol and if you fall

Danno dhail sui lass fall dainty like leaf

Av-‘osto i dhû do not fear the night

I núaith, i ‘wath the night shades, the shadow

A the lû gilith ir for it is the time of starlight when

Víriar elenath the stars sparkle like jewels

Avo lego i naid hin do not forget these things

Pîn egor dhaer big or small

A-moe na vethed for all good things

En-ilnad vaer must come to an end

Cuio il aur sui vedui live every day like the last

Sui abor law delitha like tomorrow will not come

An ilnad ‘âr i lû în for everything has its time

A vi veth bân belitha and in the end all will fade

E meno! Linno nu elenath go forth! Sing under the stars

Lillo nu Ithilgalad dance under the moonlight

Matho i ‘laur en-anor feel the radiance of the sun

A bado il râd and walk every path

A vi lui hin, le lain for in these moments, you are free

Lain o-gwidh e-lû free from the bonds of time

An oslen no ‘elaidh, lyth for around you are trees, flowers

Nen, doer, nain, ‘welu water, forests, valleys, air

Darthol anlen etholed waiting for you to venture out

Cened i amar dín bân to see all their world

Aman darthol? Meno! why do you wait? Go!

Ah avo geno ndan! and do not look back!

~ a poem by Nimlothiel~

Note: I apologise if this is very erroneous, I just thought I’d give it a go

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