Glossary by Ardalambion (Helge Fauskanger)

These are the 100 latest contributions by Ardalambion (Helge Fauskanger).

Language Word / sense Gloss
Quenya aurel / elf who departed from beleriand to aman elf who departed from beleriand to aman
Quenya hlar- / hear hear
Quenya -na / slain slain
Quenya holwë / stink stink
Quenya -yë / and and
Quenya -më / love abstract noun
Quenya -ië / is is
Quenya véla / see see
Quenya wine / baby baby, child not yet fully grown
Quenya Quendi / elves elves
Quenya -zya / his his, her, its
Quenya yúyo / both both
Quenya yur- / run run
Quenya yunquesta / one twelfth one twelfth
Quenya yulu- / carry carry
Quenya yulmë / red [?heat] red [?heat]
Quenya yulmë / drinking drinking, carousal
Quenya yulma / brand brand
Quenya yulma / cup cup
Quenya yulda / draught draught, something drunk, a drink, the amount drunk
Quenya yúla / ember ember, smouldering wood
Quenya yu- / twi- twi-
Quenya yor- / enclose enclose, set bounds to/about
Quenya yonyo / son son, big boy
Quenya yonya / my son my son
Quenya yonwa / fence fence, border, boundary
Quenya yonna / enclosed enclosed
Quenya yondë / any fairly extensive region with well-marked natural bonds (as m any fairly extensive region with well-marked natural bonds (as mountains or rivers)
Quenya yonda / wide wide, roomy, extensive
Quenya Yón / region region, any (fairly extensive) region between obstacles such as rivers or mountains
Quenya yomenië / meeting meeting, gathering
Quenya yó / yô
Quenya yéta- / look at look at
Quenya Yésus / Jesus jesus
Quenya yestarë / Beginning-day beginning-day
Quenya yerya- / wear (out) to wear (out)
Quenya yerna / old old, worn
Quenya yérë / sexual desire sexual desire
Quenya yenya / last year last year
Quenya yénië / annal(s) annal(s)
Quenya yén / long year long year
Quenya yelwa / loathsome loathsome
Quenya yelta- / loathe to loathe, abhor
Quenya yelmë / loathing loathing
Quenya yelma / yelma yelma
Quenya yelda / friendly friendly, dear as friend
Quenya yé / yé
Quenya yëa / what is more what is more
Quenya yé / what is more what is more
Quenya yé / lo! lo!
Quenya yaxë / milch cow milch cow
Quenya yáwë / ravine ravine, cleft, gulf
Quenya Yávien / fruit fruit
Quenya yávë / fruit fruit
Quenya Yavannildi / Followers of Yavanna followers of yavanna
Quenya Yavannië / September september
Quenya yavannamírë / Yavanna-jewel yavanna-jewel
Quenya Yavanna / Fruit-gift fruit-gift
Quenya yávan / harvest harvest, autumn
Quenya yáva / yáva yáva
Quenya yav- / bear fruit bear fruit
Quenya yatta / narrow neck narrow neck, isthmus
Quenya yassë / in which in which
Quenya yaru / gloom gloom, blight
Quenya yarra- / growl growl, snarl
Quenya yárë / former days former days
Quenya yára / ancient ancient, belonging to or descending from former times
Quenya yar / whom to whom
Quenya yanwë / bridge bridge, joining, isthmus
Quenya yantya- / add add, augment
Quenya yanga- / yawn to yawn
Quenya yando / also also
Quenya yána / holy place holy place, fane, sanctuary
Quenya yána / vast vast, huge; wide
Quenya yan / for/to which for/to which
Quenya yassë / once upon a time once upon a time
Quenya yáressë / once upon a time once upon a time
Quenya yalúmessë / once upon a time once upon a time
Quenya yárëa / olden olden
Quenya yalúmëa / olden olden
Quenya yalúmë / former times former times
Quenya yanta / bridge bridge
Quenya yaltë / bridge bridge
Quenya yallumë / at last at last
Quenya yal- / summon summon
Quenya yaiwë / mocking mocking, scorn
Quenya yaisa / steel steel
Quenya yaimëa / wailing wailing
Quenya yaimë / wailing wailing
Quenya yaima / implement implement
Quenya yaht- / yaht- yaht-
Quenya -ya / Elvish elvish
Quenya -ya / his his
Quenya -ya / dad dad
Quenya ya / which which, what
Quenya yá / formerly formerly
Quenya -xë / oneself oneself, myself, themselves
Quenya Wirilómë / Wirilómë wirilómë
Quenya winyamo / youngster youngster
Quenya winya / winya winya