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Language Word / sense Gloss
Quenya ipsin / fine thread fine thread
Qenya ion / *christ Christ
Qenya ion / son son
Qenya -yon / -son -son
Early Noldorin -ion / *agental suffix agental suffix
Sindarin -ion / in place names in place names, region, -region, -land, regional ending
Noldorin -(i)on / adjectival suffix adjectival suffix
Qenya inya / tiny tiny
Quenya inwis / change of mind/mood change of mind/mood
Qenya inwinóre / fäery Fäery, Fäery, England
Qenya inwilitse / little fairy little fairy
Qenya inwilis / faëry Faëry
Quenya inwalmë / mood of mind mood of mind
Qenya intin eldalin / they (are or were) (some) elves they (are or were) (some) Elves
Qenya intin / they they
Qenya síte / they (emphatic) they (emphatic), 3rd sg. fem. pronoun
Qenya -inqa / *-ful, complete -ful, complete
Quenya -inqua / -ful, complete -ful, complete
Qenya i nori landar / *the great lands The Great Lands
Qenya qimíte / feminine, female feminine, female
Quenya ingwion / son of ingwë Son of Ingwë
Early Noldorin im / royal elf (high-elf), fairy royal elf (high-elf), fairy, the royal elves (high-elves), fairies
Quenya ingwi / people of ingwë People of Ingwë, People of Ingwë, Chieftains, Vanyar
Quenya ingwemar / *ingwë home Ingwë Home
Quenya ingwë ingweron / chief of the chieftains Chief of the Chieftains
Qenya inwir / kindred of inwë Kindred of Inwë
Qenya ingwe / prince of elves Prince of Elves
Quenya ingwë / chief Chief
Quenya ingor / summit of mountain summit of mountain
Qenya noldomar / gnomeland Gnomeland
Qenya ingolonde / gnome-realm Gnome-realm, Land of the Gnomes
Quenya ingolondë / country of the noldor Country of the Noldor
Quenya ingolmo / loremaster loremaster, loremaster, wizard, one with very great knowledge
Quenya ingolë / lore, science, philosophy lore, science, philosophy
Quenya ingalaurë / *top gold Top Gold
Quenya ingoldo / the noldo The Noldo
Qenya ingilnóre / tol eressea, england Tol Eressea, England
Quenya inga / top top, top, highest point
Qenya i nero karie kirya / the man’s making of ship the man’s making of ship
Quenya indu- / to will, do on purpose to will, do on purpose
Qenya indositsina / domestic(ated) domestic(ated)
Quenya indómë / settled character settled character, will of Eru
Qenya elben / heart heart
Qenya elwen / heart heart
Quenya indis i·kiryamo / the mariner’s wife The Mariner’s Wife
Qenya indis / bride bride
Quenya indis / wife wife
Qenya indis / bride Bride
Quenya indis / great or valiant woman great or valiant woman, Great Woman
Quenya indil / lily, other large single flower lily, other large single flower
Quenya indemma / mind-picture (of apparition in dream) mind-picture (of apparition in dream), mind-picture of apparition in dream
Qenya -inya / worthy to be - worthy to be -
Qenya -inya / diminutive diminutive
Qenya -inke / *diminutive diminutive
Easterling incánus / north-spy North-spy
Quenya incánus / mind master(ship) Mind Master(ship)
Quenya incánu / mind master mind master
Quenya -nta / 3rd person plural neuter 3rd person plural neuter, 3rd person plural possessive, theirs
Qenya inqa / same same
Quenya imni / myself myself, S 1 reflexive
Quenya immë / ?the same person the same person
Quenya immë / ourselves (exclusive) ourselves (exclusive)
Quenya imli / *yourself (polite) yourself (polite)
Quenya imlë / yourself (polite) yourself (polite)
Qenya i mitta ’n·felda aksínen / the worst piece of steel the worst piece of steel
Quenya mici / among among
Quenya mica / *among among
Quenya imíca / *among among
Quenya imbi menel cemenyë menë ráno tië / between heaven and earth goes the path of the moon between Heaven and Earth goes the path of the Moon
Quenya imbë siryat / between two rivers between two rivers
Quenya imbë met / between you and me between you and me
Qenya imbeláris / rivendell Rivendell
Quenya imma / same thing same thing, same, self-same, same, self-same, same thing
Quenya imba / same, self-same same, self-same
Gnomish int / way, path, track way, path, track
Qenya int / inwards inwards
Telerin imbe / gap, gully gap, gully, gap, gully; low/narrow tract between high walls, low/narrow tract between high walls
Quenya imbë / deep valley, wide ravine deep valley, wide ravine
Quenya -tima / *-able -able
Qenya -alima / able to be done, -able, -ible able to be done, -able, -ible
Qenya -alima / -able, possible -able, possible
Qenya -ima / -able, possible -able, possible
Quenya -ima / -able -able, -able, possibility
Quenya im- / same same
Qenya ilyain antalto annar lestanen ilúvatáren / to all they gave in measure the gifts of ilúvatar to all they gave in measure the gifts of Ilúvatar
Quenya ilyë / all all
Quenya ompa / forward forward
Quenya ilya / *all all, all (others), each, every, all of particular group of things, every, all, every, each, all (of particular group of things)
Qenya elwenil(do) / littleheart Littleheart
Qenya ilverin / littleheart Littleheart
Qenya ilvaran / hall of the moon king Hall of the Moon King
Quenya ilvan(y)a / perfect perfect
Qenya ilúve ilu / heaven, the universe, all that is Heaven, the universe, all that is
Qenya ilúve / heaven Heaven, universe, universe, world
Quenya ilúvë / the whole the whole, the whole, the all, the whole, the all, allness
Qenya ilúvatar / heavenly father, sky-father Heavenly Father, Sky-father, Lord for Always, Sky-father
Qenya ilúvatar / allfather Allfather, All-father, O Father, the Father
Quenya ilúvatar / all-father All-father, Father of All, God
Qenya ilu vanya, fanya, eari, i-mar, ar ilqa ímen / the world is fair, the sky, the seas, the earth, and all that is in them the World is fair, the sky, the seas, the earth, and all that is in them
Qenya omohére / omnipotence omnipotence, almighty