Quenya 


noun. west, the direction or region of the sunset, the way of the sunset, west, west, direction or region of the sunset, occident, (lit.) going down
Quenya [Let/361.1609; Let/361.1703; LotR/1123.0213; LotR/1123.1712; PE17/016.0101; PE17/018.3414; PE17/018.3415; PE17/064.3610; PE17/125.1002; PE17/125.1003; SA/andúnë.039; SA/men.004; UT/305.1509; UT/317.1803; VT49/20.2905-1; VT49/22.0301] Group: Eldamo. Published by


west, the way of the sunset

númen noun "west, the way of the sunset" (SA:andúnë, cf. NDŪ, MEN; capitalized Númen under SA:men and in CO), "going down, occudent" (Letters:361), also name of tengwa #17 _(Appendix E). _According to VT45:38, the word is actually cited as "nú-men" in Tolkien's Etymologies manuscript. Allative númenna "Westward" (LR:47, SD:310, VT49:20, capitalized Númenna, VT49:22; numenna with a short u, VT49:23); adj. númenquerna "turned westward" (VT49:18, 20). See also númenyaron, númessier. - In the pre-classical Tengwar system presupposed in the Etymologies, "nú-men" was intended as the name of tengwa #21, to which letter Tolkien at this stage assigned the value n (VT45:38). However, this tengwa was later given the Quenya value r instead and was renamed órë.


noun. west
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