adj. (?) of crystal, crystalline

The reading Eithel Ivrin in S/392 seems erroneous and should probably be corrected into the plural Eithil Ivrin as in WJ/85, unless Ivrin is actually a proper noun (Eithil Ivrin is also rendered as "Ivrin's Well", see WJ/139). The meaning is interpolated from the description of this place in various sources: 'crystal fountains' (Lay of Húrin, verse 1526), 'reflecting their pallid faces' (ibid., verse 2177), 'glassy pools' (Lay of Leithian, verses 1932-1940)

[S/392, WJ/85] OS *imrinè (?) (Í-MIR). Group: Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary. Published by

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