Various Phrases

Some random short phrases and names found in Tolkien's works.


agarfant beth "he spoke word(s)"
avo garo "don't do (it)"
aran cîr lim "king of swift ships"
gurth an Glamhoth "death to the din-horde"
guren bêd enni "my heart tells me"
i arben na megil "kinght of the long sword, (lit.) the knight of sword"
Mîr n’Ardhon "Jewel of the World"
ón annin "he gave (it) to me"
penim vast "we have no bread"
Seron Aearon "Sea-lover"
i mbair en Ndengin "the houses of the Slain"
inn dha v’im "I have a good mind (to do so), (lit.) there is an 'inn' in me"
nidhin mened "I have a mind to go, I intend to go"
tolen cared "I am coming, drawing near to do, I am going to do"

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