Phrases by Aldaleon

These are the 28 latest phrases by Aldaleon.

Language Phrase
Quenya Merry Christmas!
Black Speech The Ring Verse
Quenya The Ring Verse in Quenya
Quenya Light thickens
Quenya Path of the Moon
Quenya Master of doom, doom mastered
Quenya Try harder!
Quenya Elendil’s Oath
Quenya Nieninque “Snowdrop”
Quenya I believe in Aragorn
Quenya Hypothetical mood using cé
Quenya Potential mood using quí
Quenya Do what you deem wise!
Quenya Ambidexters
Quenya Winter is coming
Quenya The Last Ark
Quenya Galadriel's lament
Sindarin Lord's prayer
Quenya I have found it!
Sindarin Battle-cry of the north
Sindarin An Elvish hymn to Varda
Sindarin Glorfindel's cry to Asfaloth, his horse.
Quenya I gave a book to him
Sindarin Tôl acharn
Quenya Manen lambë Quendion ahyanë?
Quenya Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!
Sindarin Gandalf's invocation upon the gates of Moria
Sindarin Well met!